Here are a few photos from our opening night at Bar Ten – almost a month ago!  Since then we have hosted three great talks, and we’re really pleased with how this exhibition has turned out.

Check out the rest of the photos here All photos (c) Michael James Photography.





As part of our upcoming exhibition at Bar Ten, Glasgow, Any And Or will be hosting a series of artist talks.

The first takes place on Wednesday 29th January 2014, 7:30pm.  Invited speakers are Michelle Hynes, Olive Pearson and Jenny Robertson.




Any And Or start the year as they mean to continue with a new exhibition in Glasgow!

Five of the artists from the Any And Or Artists Collective will present new artists from the Glasgow area in this collaborative exhibition.

Five & Five : Bar Ten
10 Mitchell Lane,Glasgow, G1 3NU

Any And Or, presenting:

Suzy Bulloch / Michelle Hynes / Susan Laws / Olive Pearson / Jenny Robertson

The exhibition will run from Friday 17th January – Monday 16th February 2014.

OFFICIAL OPENING: Wednesday 22nd January 2014, 8pm.
An evening of live music, drinks and merryment.
Prints from the exhibiting artists AND additional guest artists will be on sale during the evening.

During the course of the exhibition different artists talks will take place. Details to follow.




OFFICIAL CLOSING: Details to follow.

Any And Or Website:

Bar Ten Website:

Art @ Bar Ten is co-ordinated by Grey Wolf Graphics

So the other week I went around Manchester looking for gallery spaces.

Here’s a few photos of places I found.

Nexus, Northern Quarter

Pros: Free, popular cafe with an artsy crowd and a zine library, dedicated white wall gallery space
Cons: No natural light, small


Kraak, Northern Quarter

Pros: Free, natural light, bar/stage downstairs for opening night
Cons: Entrance in side alley so less accidental footfall



Piccadilly Place, Piccadilly

Pros: Free, very large, readily available white walls in centre of space,
Cons: Cold, no inbuilt artificial light (though there are electric sockets), need to pay for own security on opening night and for art insurance

I have contact details for these three gallery spaces and they are all available over the next several months at various times.

Hopefully we may be able to bring our work south of the border soon!


A Happy New Year from all of us at Any And Or!  2013 has been a very exciting year for our collective, and to round it off we thought we would have a small recap of two exhibitions that we were recently involved in.


All The Small Things was organised, curated and hosted by Michelle Cohen, Director of Grey Wolf Graphics.  Small by name, small by nature – all works presented in the exhibition were to be no larger than 18″ x 18″,  making for an interesting collection of works from many different artists and a great opportunity for Any And Or to exhibit with others.

In the Christmas spirit, Tatiana showed a new forensic facial composite of St Nicholas, whilst the other Any And Or artists showed other small pieces that you may have seen in our 2013 shows at Coburg House and the Six Foot Gallery.

Have a look at the All The Small Things event page on FACEBOOK

Some snaps from the launch evening:

20131204_213531 20131204_195246 20131204_195404 20131204_195411 20131204_195417 20131204_195425 20131204_213451

All The Small Things will continue until mid January 2014 when Any And Or will take over the whole venue for their next group exhibition.  Keep an eye out for more details early in the New Year.

THE HAND THAT FEEDS    OneCubeOrTwo Gallery, 134 Fleming House, Renfrew Street, Glasgow

The Hand That Feeds was organised and curated by Stu Murphy, co founder of artists open collective ROCKPAPERVIDEO, and Rebecca Glen, Director of Creative Banter and Merge, in conjunction with Tell It Slant Poetry Bookshop.

Together Stu and Rebecca put on a successful launch night on the Friday 13th December, including live music, wine and mince pies.  Tell It Slant launched the night by inviting authors and poets to do a reading in the space. 


Despite a very festive atmosphere and a great response, the exhibition unfortunately had to close early following the storms that hit the UK in December.

Any And Or was partly represented at The Hand That Feeds, with Tatiana, Ana and Helen exhibiting. On behalf of the collective, Tatiana also helped by contributing to a charity food-bank for the launch night with much collected for those in need.

Tatiana took some snaps of the launch event:

1499500_10202883074544997_1364940434_n 1488121_10202883074144987_842365016_n 1476334_10202883068944857_490165658_n 1475843_10202883067984833_270545877_n 1473050_10202883071024909_1020567861_n 1467418_10202883038784103_1107719196_n 1466208_10202883067224814_361155363_n
Any And Or table, including Ana Hine – Obscenity Prints1457619_10202883074865005_1664819425_n
Helen Hardman – Photogravure Series Prints988407_10202883073544972_282286901_n 1501775_10202883073784978_968442171_n
Tatiana Der Parthough – In Your Face Triptych (2013)

Once again Any And Or would like to thank all for their support in 2013.  We are very much looking forward to the upcoming year and hope to see many of you at our upcoming exhibitions!

The Six Foot Gallery, where we recently held an exhibition, has included us in their winter magazine!  The eight page feature includes a very complimentary introduction to the collective from the six foot gallery, and additional focus pages on each of the artists.

For the magazine we were each interviewed about our roles within the collective and what we hope to achieve in the future.

Check it out HERE