Degree Show (Ana’s Perspective)

Hey, so meant to write up about my degree show experience sooner, but I seem to have blinked and two weeks have passed since it finished. The degree show, for those of you who don’t know, is an art college wide exhibition of final year undergraduate work that art and design students have to put together as part of their final assessments. They open to the public afterwards and can be quite good for launching art careers and selling work.

While I didn’t sell anything particularly (apart from some small prints which I’ll also be bringing along to our exhibition, if anyone’s interested) it was certainly a memorable experience. Stressful too. You don’t have 290 people being graded and evaluated and commented on without a bit of tension. Now it’s over I can breathe and reflect a little.

My artwork got some belated press because it was a tad ‘controversial’ the Daily Mail posed the question ‘Art or Pornography?’ in their headline about it, which is good because that’s one of the questions the work is asking. The pieces featured in that article (the bondage photographs by Allen Bell that I’m standing in front of) will be the main pieces I’ll be exhibiting here in July so if you saw that article and you want to see the works in real life do come down to Coburg House and have a nosy.


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