I’m Ana Hine and I’ve just graduated with a First Class BA in Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices (Hons) 

At Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Class of 2013


I’m twenty-two. Back in my hometown of Dundee three years now after having a little break doing Philosophy and Literature at the University of Edinburgh. I’m very interested in media, technology, gender studies, feminism, and art to do with the body. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the metaphysics of pornography and a lot of my artwork is exploring the wider questions around what porn is and how it differs from other genres of film or photography (or literature!).

Hoping to study journalism in Manchester in the autumn.


In UK law it’s considered a breech of the Obscenity Act to photograph images of bondage where the hands and feet are both tied and the mouth is gagged, as well as people being urinated on (acts are legal in real life). I wanted to recreate that situation and question whether the resulting images are really ‘obscene’.

The images below were taken by and produced with Allen Bell. By working with Allen I have been able to place myself in the role of a model. Together we have produced a series of photographs of myself bound and gagged in a domestic setting and a series of photographs of myself being pissed on (though faked with tea infused water). Both photo series’ question the limits of obscenity and as found in the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

Because they are classified as ‘art’ there should be no legal remification for me, Allen, or Any. And. Or. from displaying this work either here or at the exhibition.


(c) Allen Bell

(c) Allen Bell

For more on my work, visit/follow me on my website at:

You may also contact me on:


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