Skin #2                                                                                                                                              Skin #2 2012


The most influential women in my family, my mother and grandmothers, told a great many tales that taught me about growing up. It is from that tradition of storytellers that my work is formed.


Folklore, Fairytales and Feminism

I am inspired by folk and fairytales because they leave room for interpretation.  Due to their age and longevity, fairytales carry motifs that are relevant to contemporary life, our culture, sex and identity. Orally kept tales, like the ones my grandmothers taught me, are important because they are fluid; they change, and they can be moulded to mean something to each and every one of us.


I often take an old tale then try to imagine it in our everyday setting, for example, what would a mermaid look like taken out the sea and plopped in a bathtub? Or I imagine where a Selkie might hide her sealskin? Do frog ladies wear lipstick and pearls?  I explore these ideas on paper and then move them on to short films, photographs or installations.


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