Princess CoutoureBorn to ShopFragile As a Flower
Tatiana der Parthogh,

BA (Hons) Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Class of 2012 

 Currently doing an MSc in Forensic Art at the Duncan of Jordanstone


After graduating from art college, I think I now have the right to introduce myself as a practicing artist. So from one artist to another, can I say that I sympathise with the difficulties and competition we must face in our line of work, especially in a world that is currently going through various economical crises. I know this from first hand experience trying to, shall we say “make it” out there, especially in my country.
I come from a tiny island called Cyprus located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the culture shock I experienced after coming to Scotland five years ago, I was able to immerse myself in Scottish culture, make new friends from all around the world and life has been exceptionally good so far. I learnt things I never would, had I not come to Scotland, and being away from home made me a strong and independent woman. I have read about and written papers  on gender politics and feminism which is something that does not quite get the appraisal I would like in Cyprus.To relate to this, I use humour in my work. It is fun to make but it is also a fun way to engage with an audience. In this show I want to create a continuation of my previous work but I am also hoping to see how far I can push the boundaries of parody, satire and taboo.


This exhibition sees the visualisation of Gendermorphosis; one of the terms which I created to best describe my work. It is a combination of gender and metamorphosis and through this I explore the superficial changes a woman may go through to become a different kind of woman every day. Through the use of paper cut-outs for dresses I  show how one can ‘wear’ their gender differently. This show aims to provoke one’s understanding of gender through play and interacting with the exhibited works.

*Please feel free to play with all objects in this installation*


To Any.And.Or – The Crew

I would  like to thank the other wonderful women working with me towards this show, and for making this experience so worth the while. Thank you ladies.

For more on my work, visit/follow me on my website at:

You may also contact me on:

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